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Companies are always risking their business, betting on what will be happening next year, and how they can make money out of it. The trick is to get it right. We all know that we work in a fast-moving industry. Even before wireless communications raced ahead, the IT field was already moving too quickly for most industry commentators - fast enough in fact to make a fool of anyone rash enough to try to predict future developments. From the famous IBM statement that the total world market for computers amounted to no more than 20 units, to Bill Gates saying that no one could ever use more than 640KB of RAM, history is littered with embarrassing comments on the future...and some more expensive errors of judgment. The Intel Web site makes no mention of the 80186, moving straight from the 80188 to the 80286; no one guessed at the time that backwards compatibility would ... (more)

Wirelessly Insecure

Ethernet has been with us for a while now, and setting up a network has passed from an arcane art to something most users are happy to do at home. Home-networking kits and improved operating systems (to be fair, I'm mainly referring to Microsoft Windows here) has made the process more or less idiot-proof, and even company networks just aren't very complicated any more. This has led to a shift in emphasis. Where technical progress used to be concentrated on getting the physical side of the network right, now the concentration is on the applications being deployed on that standard n... (more)

Pandora's Box

When Pandora was given gifts from the gods, she had many wonderful things, but she also had a box that she was told never to open. The box contained all the bad things in the world, and as long as it stayed closed, the world was a wonderful place full of joy and happiness. But Pandora's curiosity got the better of her, and she couldn't resist opening it just a little to see what was inside. However, the box couldn't be opened "just a little," and all the wrongs in the world flooded out, creating the world we see around us. Just as she snapped the box closed again, one more thing ... (more)

Q & A: Sun's New Testing Tool for OEMs and Java Service ProvidersNew product will ensure the quality of Java devices by testing

(February 28, 2003) - Bill Ray, editor-in-chief of Wireless Business & Technology, talks to Eric Chu, Group Marketing Manager, J2ME Platform, Sun Microsystems, Inc., about the recently announced Java Device Test Suite. WBT: Who will the test suite be made available to? Licensees, operators? It would be really good for someone like O2 to have access to such tests. Chu: Both: the test suite will be made available to any Java (CLDC/MIDP) Device manufacturers and operators launching Java-based services. WBT: How much will the test suite cost? Chu: This product will be priced to provide ... (more)

A Witty Walk Through the Wireless Stacks…

Setting out to start programming a new wireless device is never easy. A lack of documentation and badly thought-out development environments, conspiring with a prepubescent developer community, ensure that the information you need is always somewhere else. But things are changing; as fast as authors can get the words down, publishers are rushing to fill the gaps and provide comprehensive and affordable guidance. Unfortunately, in their enthusiasm they sometimes forget what they were trying to do, to the point that the cynical might accuse them of just trying to cash in on a techn... (more)